Everyday Interactions


I am a self-employed freerance inventor. Recently filed patent application are:

JPA 2017-116704, Sensing of Finger gesture on a Surface (background)

JPA 2017-204737, Multimodal (eye+hand+mouse) Natural User Interface (background)

JPA 2018-173743, Background calibration of Gaze Tracking (background)

I am preparing more.

I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation from 80's for 10 years. During that, I belonged to an industry consortium for AI Language Research & Development as a resercher.

I worked for Microsoft Corporation from late 90's for 19 years. I led Kana-Kanji (Phonetic-To-Ideographic character) Conversion, called IME, and natural language efforts in Japan. The usage share of Microsoft IME grew from a few tens % to about 80%.

I filed several patents of basic designs of Kana-Kanji Conversion to make the statistical language model technology in practice (e.g., content word trigram, backoff to part-of-speech bigram, error feedback, etc)

In Microsoft, there is an idea contest, called Think Week. I got the best paper awards in two areas of "Natural user interface" and "Envisioning future productivity". It's a proposal of gaze pointer + Silent speech recognition + finger command & control.

Then, I retired to stop working for someone else. My interest is now to inspire young generations in the area of human machine interactions which explore the power of human receptor/effector organs, i.e., EHM (eye, hand, mouse).

Teaching classes of "Innovation Design", "Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing", "Pyhton programming for Natural Language Processing", and "Conversation Design" (2021 plan) for Iwasaki Information Scienece College.

Supporting a senior community (NPO genkikai) in order to touch the reality of user interactions.