Explore and evolve the human communications and the human-machine interactions, by taking advantage of the power of sight, audio organs and fingers.

コンピュータで、人間の目、耳、口、手の力を、もっと引き出せる。 それで、人と人のコミュニケーションやヒューマン・マシン・インタラクションはもっと快適になる。

Language is, to begin with, for communication. An strange but historical thing is that we can consume text messages in thinking speed through hearing and reading but we cannot produce messages in the similar speed.

The reason why is simply because human relies only on hands/fingers to work with tools. Hands/Fingers is so powerful and they are dexterious. But it has its proper limitation - mechanics of the motor systems.

Now in the modern age, IT has not changed the situation though it could. Human has powerful sensory receptors and effectors with atoms/worlds. IT has not taken advantages of the human powers to work with modern tools (computers/robots/cars/etc) yet. On ther other hand, hands/fingers are not used in the way which explore the full power of dexterity. They are miss-used in IT.

Words is the human tool to communicate the other human and machines. Steve Jobs used a metaphor of PC as "bicycle" which gives power to human. If we could explore full power of human sensory systems and use hand/finger in its right place, we could realize "automotive of words".

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